Founded in 1960 in Turin, North Italy, dott.Gallina is a renowned player in the world market of polycarbonate systems, used to build windows-roofing-façades for the building industry.

the company

The Italian headquarter exports up to 60% of production, out of which a significant portion is loaded on vessels to Australia and New Zealand. In recent years several production units abroad were created, in the US, India, Greece and Turkey, to make of dott.Gallina an all-around world player able to adapt its polycarbonate walls and roofing to the different environmental/weather conditions.

The dott.Gallina polycarbonate walls and roofing are characterized by a high technological know-how developed over the years to offer innovative application opportunities, specifically minded to out-of-the-box architectural realizations with international reputation. Its polycarbonate walls and roofing ensure Architects and Developers a high performance in terms of physical-mechanical characteristics (long spanning, resistance to wind load, air and water impermeable), energy-saving (outstanding R values, Infra-Red IR cut-off, sealed perimeter), long durability (second-to-none Ultra-Violet UV performance against harsh Australian and New Zealand conditions, non-fading colours over the course of decades, controlled expansion and restriction) and aesthetics (custom-made colours for whatever order quantity, special light managing treatments, anti-graffiti).

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main products


a polycarbonate wall specifically engineered for long spanning walls and for environmentally friendly building in need of high insulation (R-value ……)

ArcoPlus 9207®

a polyrabonate roofing panel enhancing light transmission against common panels and providing a versatile range of accessories to fit in all kind of application.

ArcoPlus 684®

an easy to install, light and yet long durable domestic polycarbonate roofing panel, ideal for pergola, frescos, awning

ArcoPlus 324®

ideal for industrial vertical polycarbonate skylights where fast installation but leak-proof system is required. No aluminium connectors!

main features


a revolutionary UV protection tested in Arizona desert and developed in cooperation with BASF from Germany. The sole UV protection to satisfactorily pass the Aussie standard SAEJ …).

IR filter

the response to summer heat, a treatment to allow polycarbonate panels to cut off the Infra-Red sun rays and therefore the heat. Improving energy efficiency in buildings.


polycarbonate panels for colours that last life-time and to improve the resistance of the façade and roofing to the UV aggression. Thermal insulation of dott.Gallina polycarbonate panels is reaching peaks of R=2,0, unmatched by any other polycarbonate roofing and façade systems.

Thermal insulation

of dott.Gallina polycarbonate panels is reaching peaks of R=2,0, unmatched by any other polycarbonate roofing and façade systems.


Arcowall bi-colour IR

Port Melbourne
Australia 2018

ArcoPlus 324

Czech Rep. 2015

ArcoPlus 9207

Italy, 2016

ArcoPlus 626

USA, 2015

ArcoPlus 626

Brazil, 2015

ArcoPlus 547

UK, 2014


Italy, 2015