SanMarco is part of the International French Group Terreal since 2000, which has its roots in centuries –old experience of three companies, inheriting the skills and renewing its tradition.

the company

SanMarco – Terreal Italia is a fast growing company: more than 150 employees, exports worldwide and a turnover exceeding 20 Million Euros. Now SanMarco operates out of four manufacturing plants: Valenza (AL) cutting-edge plant, registered office and specialized in the roof tile production; Noale (VE) plant, undoubtedly a key- location for facing bricks and architectural components production; Castiglion Fiorentino (AR) plant, one of the most modern plants for the production of facing bricks and roof tiles, subject to a national unrivalled upgrade of the production facilities; Pesaro (PU) a very vast plant where are manufactured roofing tiles, wirecut bricks, floor tiles. .

With a network of professionals, agents and promoters, SanMarco – Terreal reaches the whole of the national territory and praise an important and solid international presence. Its synergistic and dynamic organization is aimed at constant search for quality in the whole production process chain, from design to delivery. .


We are a company of people, which has been able to transfer a craftsmanship at industrial level. A reference to the protagonists of the building and architectural culture, thanks to the quality, efficiency and aesthetics of products designed to become part of a story.

We are a well-known brand, with a strong identity, partner of designers and builders. We believe in conscious architecture for the wellness and eco-sustainable living. Our goal is every-day improvement, as we are well aware that innovating means enhancing. We are an international group, with a presence in more than 30 countries. A multinational company which gathers together all the most relevant clay products industrial facilities in the world. State of the art elite and partner with a human face, we firmly believe in Terracotta as a tool to produce complete solutions and global systems for a sustainable architecture.

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main products

MAAX brick

Artistic and Architectural Extralarge Brick

Today, SanMarco has reinvented terracotta, transforming it into a modern, flexible material with not only distinctive character but also suitable for more innovative and unconventional architectural design. To this end, SanMarco created MAAX, “Mattone Artistico e Architettonico eXtralarge” (Artistic and Architectural eXtralarge Brick) to give designers the expressive possibilities of clay, with the technical performance required by any modern project.


Technolgy and performances

Thermoreal is a cutting-edge precast panel made of a base of polyurethane panel with the external side covered by terracotta slip bricks. All the critical assembly process is manufactured under a rigid control protocol to ensure a lifetime duration. Easy dry fixation to the main structure by screws, fast installation and good thermal performance make Thermoral the best case for new buildings or improvement and renovation of hold ones.

Terrae Padane brick

Soft mud facing bricks

Terrae Padane is the new SanMarco range available in straw yellow, pink and red colours shaded as only natural aging is able to do. Thanks to these colour innovations, and to the rough sandblasted surfaces, those bricks offer new possibilities for customization and gives the architectural facades even more impressive light and shade effects.

Coppo SanMarco EVO

Top performance for roofs

An interlocking tile with Mediterranean profile, offering best-ever aesthetics and technical performance. A synthesis of technology and innovation, this tile is designed to ensure performance and durability. Raised edges, increased thickness, larger runoff channel, more pronounced curvature are the characteristics that make it the peerless evolution of the Roman Tile. With its variety of colours, Coppo SanMarco EVO is ideal in both urban and rural contexts.

main features

SRI values

always under control. Thanks to the large variety of colours and shadows available every project will get the expected energy saving performances.

Building future

with a natural product. Our goal is to allow designers and customers to find innovative solutions and original possibilities using terracotta, supporting the most futuristic visions with research and experimentation.

Save money

because a house made of bricks is great in saving energy for cooling or heating. Internal temperature is always mitigated as walls can store and release heat or cool air providing a controlled atmosphere inside the house.

Built by nature

Clay roof tiles and bricks are extremely popular since centuries because they are durable, natural, versatile, stable and comply with the numerous ecological and economic demands a modern house have to respect. Perfect in any climate situation and with very low maintenance and service costs clay products are modern “by nature”.


Terrae Padane bricks

Hotel Magna Pars


Coppo SanMarco


Lombardia - Italy

Classico faccing bricks

University of Padova "Fiore di Botta"


Classico facing bricks

Eco-Green Hotel


Classico facing bricks


Dogi 2.0 slip bricks

Brew pub interior


MAAX bricks

Junger House


MAAX bricks

Public residence


MAAX bricks

Public school


Dogi 1.0 slip bricks

AC Marriot Hotel


Coppo SanMarco Adige

Rimini Baustoffe


Vivo facing bricks red colour

Private House


Marsigliese roof tile

Private Villa


EU size bricks Bespoke Blend

Private house


Classico facing bricks, rosso colour

Public and commercial building