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Last week Theca Director Adam Shears delivered a copy of the 2020 Timber Design Award plaque to Damon Barbaresco, Development Manager of Vicinity Centres, the Client and Developer of Chadstone Link, on behalf of Rubner. What a pleasure to watch back at a successful job and walk under a structure that now, after all what have happened with the pandemic, looks even more relaxing and quiet.

To know more about Chadstone Link please visit the Projects page.


We're honoured and delighted to have been selected in Partnership with Rubner Holzbau to design, engineer and supply the new Batemans Bay Regional Arts and Aquatic Centre. Designed by a joint venture of NBRS and Donovan Payne Architects and engineered by TTW, the new facility is under construction by ADCO. Our scope has involved taking over the tender design scheme of the long timber trusses for the main pool and the gymnasium, as well as all other engineered timber elements, and bring it to a locked 3D model and shop drawings.

All metal hardware is factory-assembled guaranteeing precision, accuracy and finally time and equipments savings on site. On our social media channels, LinkedIn and Instagram, you'll be able to find production and shipment photos taken during the supply process.



We are pleased to announce that, thanks to our partnership with Rubner Holzbau and their total prefabrication approach when it comes to timber structures, as well as our long-time involvement with translucent roofing systems from dott.Gallina, our first internally designed, prefabricated and modular roofing structure for outdoor swimming pools is ready. From 20x30mt up to 40*70mt (so far), this structure scores a point of difference in sustainability, aesthetics, speed of completion from design to erection, durability without maintenance, affordability.

Download here the brochure.


We are pleased to have three successfully-completed jobs running for the 2020 Timber Design Awards. Together with Rubner as sponsors of the this year edition, we can't wait to participate to the Virtual Celebration to take place in November. The exact date will be public soon.

Good luck to Marrickville Library, Chadstone Link and Stromlo Leisure Centre.



After many Clients, Architects and Engineers objected that we didn't have an always updated window where they could see our realisations in Australia and New Zealand, here we go! The creation of Theca Instagram page is meant to keep you all constantly informed. Enjoy!