Net Zero Carbon Buildings

We created Theca Timber as a brand of Theca Australia to become the point of reference in Australia for consulting designers and engineers as well as to provide full supply of eco-sustainable, prefabricated, engineered timber structures. To help the construction industry to fight climate change by using net zero embodied carbon solutions like mass-timber is our mission.

Theca Timber represents the natural evolution of our expertise in the timber construction sector where we started to operate since 2016. Offering services that range from managing the design process completely to offering consultancy and design services to our Corporate Clients, our versatility is one of our strengths. Being a crossover company with a broad access to the European industry of timber products manufacturers and representing one of the largest glulam and timber solutions manufacturer, Rubner Holzbau, in an industry where singularity is the norm, means that we are the right partner for a diverse kind of projects.

While promoting and marketing innovative solutions to the entire local industry, meaning Developers, Architects, Engineers, Specialist consultants and Builders, we make sure that right from the beginning Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is progressed to create cost efficiencies in value engineering. Theca Timber can provide technical support and advises during design, full structural design, certification according to AS standards, installation sequences, total supplying of a prefabricated structure with deliveries straight to jobsites and technical assistance during erection.

Building a better world, together.



What we do


Full structural design: our scope involves taking the conceptual design for the mass timber structure prepared by the Architect and completing the structural design and detailing to a standard to allow shop drawing and construction.

Structural calculation and verification according to EuroCode and BCA.

Development of the structural set of documents, either for tender or for construction, meaning 2D Drawings, Installation Sequences, AXO Views and progressing an accurate 3D model until is locked and approved.


Shop drawings of the entire timber structure and all types of connections from base to top and in between timber elements.

List of elements, both for steel and timber, as to say the list of every individual part for the Manufacturer to transfer into CNC drawings.


Complete fabrication of Glulam (Spruce, Larch, Fur, others) and CLT (Spruce) elements according the highest quality standards and using raw material coming from FSC and PEFC certified sources. All elements, bespoke detailed for each job, can be CNC-cut and prepared (paint finish, treatments, etc.) for a bolt-together structure/building shipped to site.

Fabrication of be-spoke, project-based steel elements and components if need be, or supplying of standards connections systems and tools from reputable sources.

Factory pre-assembly of steel elements and hardware onto timber for a minimized installation work on site, for a quick and safe assembly with a conscious use of lifting equipment.


Transport to site being in charge of the goods straight from the European factory all through the dock landing and custom clearance in Australia, until the jobsite. Our expertise in shipping oversize elements is second to none and we can evaluate it job-specific to improve the building aesthetics, enhance a quick assembly and reduce costs.

Technical presence on jobsite as supervisor during the entire installation or a portion of it.


• Project Manager located in Australia through the entire project to be the point of contact at any time. The PM monitor the process from design to completion and all resources are coordinated targeting at the agreed deadlines and quality standards.


One-stop-shop approach, one Supplier from Design to Delivery

Bespoke detailing and connection options


Ship to site Logistics and Storage

Just in-time Site Delivery

Cost advantage due to Economy of Scale



Macquarie University Law School Building


Fish Market


Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre

Corinda (Brisbane)

St Aidan’s Sport Hall


Upper House

Glenroy (Melbourne)

Sages Road Depot


Tumbalong Green Stage upgrade


Eric Tweedale Stadium

Batemans Bay, NSW

Bay Pavilions


Stromlo Leisure Centre


Chadstone Link


Marrickville Library

Modular Timber Structure