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In a world where we all need to pay more attention to the footprint of our actions on the environment, we select Manufacturers with sustainable products. We focus on innovative solutions, keeping Australian building industry up-to-date with the current European technologies.

Italy - Australia

The legacy of the Italian migration period has left an indelible mark on Australian society with hundreds of thousands of people of Italian descent actively integrated in Australian society. In the 2016 Australian census have stated that Italians are the second largest non-English speaking ethnic group in the country, with 174.000 born overseas and a total of about 3,5% of the citizens having Italian ancestry.
After World War II the Italians contribution to the building industry was set thanks to their skills as concreteers, stone flooring installers and all sort of skilled work. Rialto Twin Towers in Melbourne were largely built by Italians being the landmark of a generation for the Italian builders and contributing to a significant step forward of the Australian building industry.

Theca Australia Pty Ltd

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VIC, Australia

Our mission
Theca is the Australian partner of the most innovative and product-oriented companies from Italy, all of them coming from the building materials market sector.

Technologically up-to-date, strategically intuitive, Alubel has predicted the use of aluminium and insulation in roofing sheets long time ago, creating a revolutionary range for aluminium roofing and wall cladding.

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Founded in 1960 in Turin, North Italy, dott.Gallina is a renowned player in the world market of polycarbonate systems, used to build windows-roofing-façades for the building industry.

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Turn-key kitchens and bathrooms, designed according to the client’s requirements, fully fitted and furnished, prefabricated thousands of kilometres from the building jobsite, in a modern factory, with millimetre tolerances to guarantee a 100% precise prefabrication, ready for installation.

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Rubner considers even the most complex timber job a stimulating challenge and by accomplishing with the requests of Architects and Developers, they define new standards in the fields of process and product technology, taking on a pioneering role in the timber processing sector.

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Silex is Nav-System’s division manufacturing PUR and PIR sandwich panels for thermal insulation. An innovative plant for the continuous production of PUR and PIR sandwich panels is Silex flagship, at the forefront in Europe for extrusion methods, attention to the details, cooling of the panels and packaging.

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Stiferite attention to QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Controls) made the company the undoubted market leader in Italy for the manufacturing of polyurethane rigid foam panels with over 80% market share and one of the top-3 in Europe.

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Piva brand has earned a prestigious reputation in the building sector, thanks to its versatile production, the high quality of its products and the considerable experience acquired.

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Over 16-year experience trading all kind of building materials all over the world, first as Export Manager of world-leading Italian companies, from flooring to façade and roofing, now as Director of Theca, with base in Alba, Italy. Paolo led new markets strategies and penetrations in Central and East Europe, North Africa, India and Oceania, creating networks of distributors, agents and resellers.

Fanatic of good travelling with heaps of miles on frequent travel cards. Best business meeting you can have with him is in front of a sincere and charming bottle of tannin red wine.

Adam has been in the building industry for over 29 years. He has been an Unlimited Building Practitioner for over 20 Years. A Director of Australian Polycarbonate Products for over 17 years, Adam is currently the Director of Light and Space Roof Systems. He is a recognised expert presenter for Building Products to leading Architects and Building Companies throughout Australia and New Zealand. In 2014 Adam has initiated the Distribution of Gallina Polycarbonate Products throughout Australia.

State Manager Western Australia
Born in New Zealand, Chris has worked both in the manufacturing and installation of insulated panels and has a deep knowledge of panels technicalities. He founded his company back in 2010 installing walls and roofing panels for Houses, Freezers, Coolrooms and controlled environment Industrial and Commercial rooms. He has been successfully cooperating with Theca since late 2016. Chris has a very friendly and helpful attitude to work and is always looking at new uses and opportunities for the vast range of products under the Theca group.