Macquarie University Law School Building

The newly built Law School on the Macquarie University campus, is named after former Macquarie Chancellor, The Hon Michael Kirby, in recognition of the contribution he has made to the University and to the legal profession in Sydney and NSW.

The Law School building redevelopment was targeted at a Law School Hub, which aimed to bring industry and the professions to Macquarie University, providing appropriate accommodation to users, to support external engagement including meeting spaces, collaboration spaces and event spaces. The lifecycle upgrade and expansion will provide flexibility for workplace, research and teaching as well as allowing adaptability to allow for future change. The building has been designed to meet 5-Stars Green Star certification. The central atrium area was designed be enclosed to create a public space offering a unique experience. The upgrade included the creation of a Moot Court room too, enabling the MQ Law Scool to continue its traditional competitive rivalries with other law schools. Rubner, Theca Timber Partner, was contracted directly by FDC, the General Contractor, to bring the design to a “for construction” level and to supply the entire glulam structure, while KLH Massivoholz, has supplied the CLT. Theca Timber has cooperated with both to ensure that a seamless service is provided to FDC for a quick erection, in line with the high-end finishes required in the job.

  • Client: FDC
  • Architect: Hassell
  • Services: Detailed design, Fabrication, Delivery to site
  • Completion: 2024
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