Bay Pavilions

An iconic new gateway for the region, the Batemans Bay Regional Aquatic & Arts Leisure Centre, is set to become a drawcard for sports, tourism and regional arts programs.

The new center, featuring an ecologically sustainable development principles design, is composed of two distinct pavilions. One houses three pools, a gymnasium and waterslide tower, while the other boasts a 350 retractable seating black box theatre, rehearsal room and art studios. The streamlined central building connecting the two pavilions complete the building with main reception, foyer and administration areas. We provided over 140m3 of spruce glulam treated with a coating suitable for pool environments. The maximum span of the longest elements is 33mt, split into three smaller parts for transport reasons. The original design was calling for a bow-string type of hybrid beams, with a solid flat top glulam part and a tension cable below. We were able to execute the design intent by adapting each dimension for load verification, manufacturability and ease-of-installation. The outdoor pergola is equipped with bespoke 3D bended glulam elements (beams that are freeform bent in two directions) that represents the waves of the nearby ocean, and also the Architect signature on the job.

  • Client: ADCO
  • Architect: NBRS, Donovan Payne Architects
  • Services: Detailed design, Structural Engineering, Fabrication, Delivery to site
  • Completion: 2021