Sages Road Depot

The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust nominated Melbourne-based studio Searle x Waldron Architecture to design their new multi-purpose, operations depot located in Sages Rd. Aimed to be a new gathering place for employees, including offices, meeting rooms, lunch room, collaboration Spaces, an Auditorium, as well as vehicle parking, workshops and storage area, the building was designed as a series of parallel glulam trusses, having different heights and shapes, using CLT to create the first floor slabs and a series of stairs connecting ground to first floor. Walking corridors through the building are designed under the V shaped trusses diagonals, and they had to be closely coordinated together with the services running through the timber structure.

Theca Timber was requested for a full service of consulting through the design, targeting for the respect of the Architectural Design, and the optimisation of the trusses for production and assembly. Our Team engaged different manufacturers to coordinate suppliers from several sources, creating an LOD400 model ready to be declined into machine files for the hi-tech CNC robots governing the production of complex glulam connections.

  • Location: Glenroy (Melbourne)

    Developer: The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

    Builder: Building Engineering

    Architect: Searle x Waldron Architecture

    Structural Engineer: OPS Engineering

    Timber Engineering and Design: Ergodomus

    Certifying Engineer: Global GCE

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